Antiques & Estates

Jacksons Auction & Real Estate Company has successfully conducted antique and estate auctions for over thirty years! The company has always used an aggressive advertising campaign to help potential buyers know about the type of auction being conducted and what the highlights of items to be sold are. National, regional and local newspapers have been the standard advertising method and yet in today’s new world of technology, company and national websites, email blasts and online bidding have opened today’s auctions to the world.

Our company’s philosophy has always been that once we have contracted to sell for an estate or individual, we are partners with the seller and sell the items consigned as if they were our own!

Dennis Jackson is known as one of the leading auctioneers in the Midwest in selling estates, antiques and fine arts for over 30 years. Dennis’ experience and product knowledge has gained the respect of both the seller and buyer. Bryan Jackson has great experience in selling since receiving his auctioneer’s license over fifteen years ago. Bryan is recognized as a very strong bill caller and uses his psychology degree to represent the seller very well in securing the best bid possible when selling an item. Michele L. Jackson, who received her auctioneer’s license in 2006 has used her lifetime experience in an auction family, her education and her personality to quickly become a strong bid caller and also attains prices that sometimes amaze her father and brother on items they find hard to sell in today’s market.

Goals of Jacksons Auction: To always represent the items properly. To obtain the highest price possible in today’s market. To receive the best possible auction education enabling us to be prepared for current changes in the marketplace. To use advertising techniques to bring the best buyers to each auction they conduct.

If you have an estate, antiques, art, collectables or any other fine art objects to sell, please call or email us!